sports and deep tissue massage

Sports Massage & Osteopathy

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage at Bodyline Ealing

Anna Buckley and Claire Desroches are our resident deep tissue massage practitioners.

Sports massage is the scientific manipulation and assessment of soft tissues for the prevention of injuries, whilst maintaining good physical condition and health.

These benefits are achieved by improving muscle tone, promoting relaxation, stimulating circulation and producing therapeutic effects on all systems of the body.
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Osteopathy in Ealing & West London

Lisa Opie, MBE, MOst, BSc (Hons) is our resident Ealing based osteopath.

Osteopathy is a whole system of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of many dysfunctions of the body. It aims to reduce pain and promote normal, healthy function of the body by correcting mechanical imbalances within each individual’s neuro-muscular-skeletal system.
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Personal training

At our Ealing personal training gym we find out what your long term aims and goals are and then create a fitness programme designed for your body and needs.