sports injury and rehab in ealingAt Ealing Fitness Clinic we work with Sports Nutritionist Claire Desroches who can help you get the most from your exercise by focusing on your nutrition for day-to-day life as well as eating to support any sporting activities.

About Claire

After researching and experimenting with her own diet and supplementation for several years whilst training in various martial arts as well as general conditioning, and working as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, Claire decided to pursue a qualification in sports nutrition to enhance her knowledge of the human body, and how to get the most out of it. As a sports nutritionist, Claire can analyse your current diet and eating habits, and suggest improvements to help you with your physical activity and recovery. Claire will work with you to find improvements that suit your lifestyle and preferences – and as a vegan herself, she is more than happy to work with alternative diets!


Why sports nutrition?

Although the general principles of sound nutrition practices apply to sports nutrition, sports nutrition is specifically geared to understanding what happens to the body during exercise, and how the food or drink you consume can support and enhance your physical activity. Key areas of focus are what you eat or drink (or any supplements you take) immediately before, during, and immediately after a workout, but will also consider your overall dietary habits and lifestyle.


What can I expect from my sports nutritionist?

A non-judgemental, evidence-based approach to establishing a healthy, balanced diet that works for you, your training, and your lifestyle in the long term.


What happens in my consultation?

First, we will meet for about 30-45 minutes to discuss your goals and lifestyle. We will go over how to keep a food diary, which you will keep for three days before sending or giving it to me. I will assess your food and drink intake and compile a report for you, along with my recommendations and suggestions, which I will give you and we will go over in our final 45-60 minute meeting.

Your Investment

Your investment is £120 which includes both consultations and your report.

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You can pay for your Nutrition Consultation with a debit or credit card via our online payment partner Paypal

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What Claire’s clients say :


I found the service useful and an eye opener; even as a person who is acquainted with good eating habits I can also overlook the basics (referring to the high cholesterol content I was consuming). It was great to have a professional opinion on what to do to fix it, and Claire pointed out to me my calorie/ carbohydrate deficit (as Claire says, who wouldn’t be glad to hear that they have to eat more carbs!)
I would do it again or at least every other month as a check up to see if my diet is keeping up with any changes in my goals such as losing weight or bulking up. I would also recommend this service to anyone who is serious about improving their food habits or just to gain a healthy perspective on their nutrition!

I was looking to improve my time for my local 10k race that I do every year and knew that I had to focus on both exercise and nutrition. Claire sent me a detailed health questionnaire and asked me to keep a food diary for 5 days which I found incredibly useful as it really made me think about what I was eating, or, more importantly about to eat!

Claire also gave me ideas on a training programme to improve my running and, after following her nutritional advice and upping my training I came in with my best 10k time for years.

Roy, middle-aged, middle distance runner!