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By 6 February 2020Latest, Meet the Team
Anna Buckley is a Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer and is also a qualified ABA Boxing coach.
Boxing technique and boxing fitness feature heavily in Anna’s sessions and circuit classes. Anna has taken part in White Collar Boxing bouts and is more than capable of showing you some serious boxing moves that will get you fit in no time!
Anna can also use kettlebells very effectively getting  some great strength gains with her clients. Anna is also one of our resident Massage Therapist using Deep Tissue, Sports Injury and Rehabilitation techniques.


So, over to Anna…


Why Boxing?


“I have always had an interest in boxing from a very young age, watching black and white boxing matches with my Dad and family.  I also met Frank Bruno with my brother when I was 7 years old, and my interest increased.  I started boxing training in 2010 with Boxing London in Islington Boxing Club where I started training with an ex super middleweight champion, Enzo Giordano  who was a tough, disciplined coach, but very skilled, friendly and passionate as well.
I started boxing  as my brother had started at a different club, and I always wanted to give it a go ;  I also wanted to mix up my own training and try something different.  I started sparring, when my coach said to me in one training session, I won’t stop hitting you, until you hit me back.  Once I started, I didn’t look back.  The desire to improve as a boxer and to compete went up and up!


Anna, in the ring at Allstars, her boxing club in West London


 As I continued to train more as a boxer, I was given opportunities to become an assistant boxing coach, assisting in coaching boxing classes and individual sessions.  As my skills and confidence improved, I became a full boxing coach, coaching both kids and adults.


In 2012, before the London Olympics, I  helped to organise and coach in a Mini Olympics in Borough, SE London. It was an amazing experience and I loved it.  From there, I continued boxing coaching, joining different gyms across London.  I started coaching amateur boxing at All Stars boxing gym and youth club in February 2015.


I loved the challenge of helping to get teenagers and adults out of gangs and into the sport.  Giving them a new direction.  I love boxing coaching also due to the many other benefits it provides, not only getting fit and strong quickly, but it is also a stress release and fun.
The technical skills involved in boxing and boxing coaching really appeal to me as well as the variety of exercises involved in any one coaching session.  Boxing training has so many benefits, from fitness to stress release. I am determined to continue to improve my boxing coaching skills so that I can help more people to experience the benefits of training, which not only helps in sport but also in life in general.”


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