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Eszter has been an integral part of the team from day one at Ealing Fitness Clinic and, having worked with Roy (the founder of the business) for several years beforehand, it was a “no-brainer” to have her involved in the new business at the clinic.

Eszter’s role at the clinic is two-fold, working primarily as a Personal Trainer as well as being a valuable member of our marketing team along with Roy and Eliza.

So, over to Eszter for her story……..


My route to working in the fitness industry hasn’t exactly been something I always thought I would be doing. I liked sports but that was it.


I started playing basketball at the age of 13, which I carried on to grammar school. Due to the skillset and the number of PE teachers there, I also had a taste of aerobics, volleyball and hockey for a short period. I had the honour to be part of the dancing crew for the most famous Hungarian rock musical and perform in Budapest, Transylvania (where I am from originally) and France as a teenager.


Years of Searching
Things went a little downhill from after my A-levels. I was searching, I had no idea for what precisely, for about ten years and those ten years were mostly spent without any structured physical activity. My weight yoyo-ed up and down and my fitness levels weren’t great either.

Once I realised, I can’t carry on living like that I quit my job and went onto travelling Scandinavia with a merchandise group for one winter and a summer season before I moved to the UK in 2012. I eventually managed to find a job at BA in IT.

Then I turned 30 in early 2014 and found myself feeling miserable, overweight and had just lost my grandma. It gave me a different perspective on life, and I knew I want to have a better quality of life as well as make a difference.


Way to Fitness
I found an adult ballet class and started attending once a week. A few months later, after my cousin asked me to be her bridesmaid, I joined a weight loss program in Slough to focus on weight loss and look my best for her wedding. I ended up losing about 24lbs in 12 weeks. I went to the wedding in August and had the time of my life.


Eszter Before and After a 12 Week Transformation Project in 2014


Upon return, I kept up with the schedule and took on PT sessions as well. I lost another 11lbs by the end of the year:


Eszter Xmas 2014


I realised I was way too skinny, so I decided to get stronger and build some muscles, so I hired a strength coach to help me with that goal. That’s when I had that lightbulb moment I have been waiting for over a decade; If I could make such a transformation after getting up from my lazy bottom, potentially anybody could so long they have the right support. My clients proved me right on that later.


Personal Trainer in the Making
I enrolled in a personal training course, and just as I passed my last practical assessment, I received a job offer to run group classes in the very studio, I have been training for over a year. It was a fantastic feeling as I could quit my desk job and focus on a passion and get paid!

This was also the time when I completed in my first ever Spartan Race. It requires all type of fitness, including strength, stamina, sometimes speed and mental toughness to keep going until the finish line.


First Spartan Sep 2015


Around the same time, I had a request from a friend to train them in London. That’s when I found Bodyline Fitness in September of 2015. The rest is pretty much history, I never looked back. I have been working with Roy ever since, and when he invited me to join the team at Ealing Fitness Clinic, I felt honoured and happy to follow.


In the last two years through personal experiences, I became more focused on the area of lifestyle and fitness that explores female hormones and a variety of metabolic conditions as well as ageing.
My clients have inspired me to explore further learning, so I did a lot of research into perimenopause and menopause and how we can adapt our lifestyle to stay physically and mentally fit, able and age gracefully. I believe in continuous development, especially that science has something new to offer every week!

I recently enrolled in a GP Referral and a pre and postnatal course to further my knowledge on a variety of health conditions and physiological changes that affect people beyond 30 and upwards well into their 70s or 80s.

For the next few years, I have the intention of completing specialist qualifications in metabolic conditions, lower back pain and the mental aspect of weight loss, obesity and behaviour change, as well as widen my horizon into training methods that focus on injury prevention, injury rehab and longevity. So far I laid my eyes on psychology course and pilates.


Staying on Top of Tech
As part of my journey, I have come across new ways of interacting and helping people with their fitness and health. I am currently in the process of exploring solutions that can help those who are always on the go, travelling for work or just simply living a hectic busy professional lifestyle. Watch this space.


Ealing Feeling
Initially, I started coming to Ealing because my strength coach was, and still is based here. That was even before I became a PT. It’s been nearly 5 years I stepped foot on Uxbridge Road the first time, and I had no idea how vital part it will play in my life later.

I ran the Ealing Half Marathon in 2018, just over 8 months into my recovery from surgery and it was the most challenging accomplishment in a long time, at the same time the best running race I ever attended. The local support and engagement in fitness are impressive.


Jeremy and Roy helping EHM 2018 finishers stretch out, Eszter’s in the cap and sunglasses.


This year I will be helping the EHM volunteering team with the set-up then I’ll join the EFC crew to assist the finishers with their cool-down. I look forward to seeing all of you runners out there!



Are you getting ready for the Ealing Half Marathon but you feel you need a performance-focused assessment and training to help you smash the course? Feel free to get in touch for a commitment-free chat with Eszter.

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