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Eliza joined our Ealing Fitness Clinic team in January 2019 to help the smooth running of the clinic, take over specific tasks from Roy and help our Marketing Team. This means you have someone to talk to while you are waiting during the day, and your trainer or therapist will be able to provide undivided attention while you are with us. 


Ealing Fitness Personal Training Clinic

Eliza working with Roy on our next big social media campaign!

From Eliza :

‘Although I am quite new to the health and fitness industry (my previous work experience was a desk job in a financial sector) my lifestyle has always been built around ‘active hobbies’. I am a very energetic person, a sports enthusiast and enjoy active leisure most of all. Therefore, I have always looked for ways of relaxing that incorporate getting up from the couch and going out there to explore the beautiful world that surrounds us. 

As a teenager I used to go cycling nearly every day, played team sports like volleyball or go for a hike as I used to grow up in a mountainous area. Later, I took up horse riding that I still find the most exhilarating pastime ever.

However, it wasn’t until I became a mum that I discovered running and its plentiful benefits for my overall health. As joyful as parenting is, it can also be a quite stressful experience and I am sure most parents would agree with me on that. Increased workload, sleep deprivation, stress, little free time may feel a little overwhelming at times. Therefore, I think, it is important to find some time for yourself, to do something that you enjoy and that makes you feel happy so that you can share that happiness with your family.    


I started my running journey in Dublin, Ireland, where I used to live at the time and fell in love with it. Crystal clear air and fresh breeze always made me feel better. A quick run in the evening after a long day always helped me to clear my head, relax and ensured I had a good night sleep afterwards.

When I arrived in London in 2016, I started to discover this amazing city through my running, especially its beautiful parks and green spaces. During one of my runs in a local park, I saw a notice about a free weekly 5k run organised by Pitshanger Park Runners. I decided to join them for one and have been doing it ever since most of my Saturday mornings. Their encouragement and friendliness helped me stay motivated even on cold wintery days.

Ealing Fitness Clinic

Eliza with her Ealing Half Medal in 2018


It was also there where I got to know about the Ealing Half Marathon, yearly. It was a first half marathon I have ever run in my life, which I absolutely loved. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to run it again the following year, improving my time by 25 minutes!

This year, it will be my third Ealing Half and I am already looking forward to it.

Nevertheless, my adventure with running has not always been that smooth and easy. It was not until last couple of months that I started to struggle a little. I developed a knee injury that left me feeling frustrated and forced me to take an unwanted break.

But, luckily for me, I found myself in the right place at a right time as Ealing Fitness Clinic specialises in sports injury and rehab. I quickly had my problem diagnosed and treated and after following the prescribed exercises and stretches I am now able to enjoy my running again. I can happily recommend getting in touch with Ealing Fitness Clinic to anyone who has experienced a sports injury.

Do not let a niggle stop you from enjoying doing what you love ; there are people here whose experience and expertise will help you recover and get back in good form.’     


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