Injury Rehab & Massage


Sports injury and rehab at Bodyline Fitness Ealing

Whether you play a sport recreationally or to a high level an injury can be really annoying and frustrating as it can stop you doing what you enjoy and these days a lot of us enjoy playing a sport in order to help keep us fit and healthy.

Injury rehab or “pre-hab” should be attacked on two levels :

  • Sports Massage to help relieve muscle tension and increase blood flow to the affected muscles

We have 3 Sports Massage Therapists that, between them, have treated the All Blacks Rugby Team,  the South African Cricket team and competed at Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Their  range of experience is vast, so you will be in safe hands whichever therapist you choose to work with.

Sports Massage Room at Bodyline Fitness Ealing

One of our treatment rooms in our Ealing centre

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  • Conditioning¬† and exercise prescription to increase muscular strength and reduce chances of the injury recurring.

Within our team of fitness professionals we have several trainers with rehab qualifications and experience to prescibe and take you through exercises to rehab an injury as well as getting you stronger so that that injury wont come back!

Bodyline Fitness Personal Training Studio in Ealing

One of two exercise areas for our clients

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