The Ealing Half Marathon:


Our 10 Week Training Package


ealing half marathon training


In preparation for this year’s Ealing Half Marathon we are offering a unique 10 week plan to get you in the best possible running shape for the start line on 29th September 2019!

This isn’t a training programme for running, because we kind of assume most people will be doing the running part themselves ( although we can help you with that as well of course).

This training package is all about the non-running elements of training for the Ealing Half Marathon, or indeed, any half marathon.


What Will Happen


  • Over the 10 weeks you will attend weekly training sessions and learn/develop conditioning exercises that are specifically designed to improve your running
  • You will get stronger at running as well as develop some serious core strength
  • You will learn proper running warm up drills and how to stretch before and after your training runs
  • Our Personal Trainers will also guide you with what exercises you can do on your own to maximise your sessions with us
  • We will give you guidance on your training runs
  • You will receive a free download of our extensive “How to train for a Half Marathon Properly” guide


personal trainer ealing

Our Receptionist , Eliza, running the Osterley 10k recently, will be running the Ealing Half for her 3rd time this year


The Package

10 x 45 min sessions covering the following aspects :


Strength and Conditioning

    • Exercises specifically designed to help you become stronger and run better.
    • Lower body exercises to increase strength and power in your legs
    • Upper Body exercises to help improve your running posture


 Flexibility and Warming Up

  • The correct warm up drills are crucial in helping you stay injury free as well as helping you to run faster


Core Strength

    • Do you do any core exercises? Chances are you do, but without evening knowing you’re doing them! Core exercises are so important in so many ways ; keeping your lower back strong, improving posture, building up strength all over the body.
    ealing half marathon

    Come across the finish line feeling good!

  • The Details :

    • The 10 sessions will be tailored specifically to your requirements including elements of all of the above as well as running programmes should you require them.
    • The sessions can be booked whenever suits you during the week and/or at weekends; we will fit them in around your schedule.
    • You can do the sessions on your own with one of our Trainers or share them with a running partner at no extra cost!
    • The 10 x 45 min sessions are priced at £337.50
    • The sessions will begin w/c 7th July and run up to the 22nd September ( a week before the half marathon) but you can join any time and we will adjust timings and cost accordingly

    Book a free consultation to run your most enjoyable half marathon ever!

    Ealing Half Package