3 Ways to Stick to an Exercise Habit

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3 ways to get into good exercise habits

This time of year can be a tricky time to try and start or ignite an exercise routine; the temperature has dropped a bit and the nights are getting darker a bit earlier. However, at this time of year it can be really important to get into a regular exercise routine as this can help you through the winter when people can struggle with the short days ; as we know regular exercise raises our endorphin levels which helps our mood and feelings of general well being.

So, in this latest blog post we give you three ways you can start or boost your exercise routine starting right now!

Pick One Main Goal and Stick to It

How to stick to an exercise routine

So often, during client consultations at Bodyline we hear people list 2, 3 or even 4 goals that they are looking to achieve! “I’d like to get a bit fitter, and work on my upper body a bit, Oh and i think my core could be a bit better as well”. This is a typical example of what we might hear as personal trainers and they are, of course, all perfectly valid goals but they are a) not really specific enough and b) too many in number!

If you pick one goal to achieve you are much more likely get the results you are looking for, so before you start to exercise think about what your main goal is and be realistic about how and when you can achieve this goal.

To give you an example : If a potential client said to me that they would like to run a 5k in under 30 mins then my job as their personal trainer would be to design a training programme that would involve the client doing some running, some core work and some strength work which would get them running that 5k in under 30mins and, hey presto, other things like, stronger core, more toned lower body and being fitter would happen as well! During their time training with me the client is focusing on their one main goal of running that 5k and I am designing the programme to help them achieve it.


Arrange Sessions with a Friend

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On a Sunday morning I have an agreement with a friend that we go for a run together at 8.30am each and every Sunday (our respective family lives allowing of course!). Now, as much I like to train and exercise as much as I can if i was running on my own on a Sunday morning it definitely would not be at 8.30am and, actually, being very honest, it might not even happen at all.

So, you can guess where I am going with this; making a regular appointment to exercise with a friend means that you are far more likely to keep that appointment and turn up at the pool, gym, park or wherever! For most of us, having an appointment really works and we don’t like to let people down, especially our friends and if one of you texts the other to say I’m feeling a bit tired, shall we skip the gym tonight? Well, as the receipient of that text you know what your reply should be, right??

Grab a friend with a similar level of fitness and similar goals and then arrange a time, at least once a week, when you can meet up and get some proper exercise done!

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Pick an Exercise Type You Actually Enjoy!

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Sounds obvious doesn’t it? If you enjoy doing something you’ll stick to it; if you hate going to the gym then don’t join in the first place as you’ll only set yourself up for failure (and pay £50-£70 each month for the privilege!).

Incorporate something that you like to do into your weekly routine, set a goal, grab a mate and get this fitness party started!


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