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sports injury rehab and personal training in ealing

Our sports injury and rehab studio evolved from our personal training gym as we identified a need for a specific centre dealing with injury preventation, rehab & personal training all under one roof.

Our studio opened in the summer of 2017 incorporating Massage, Osteopathy and, more recently we have added acupuncture to our list of services.

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Sports Massage

Sports and deep tissue massage in ealing

Our team of therapists have worked with international sports teams including the All Blacks and South African Cricket team and we can also boast an Olympic Athlete as a member of our massage team.

Sports massage is the scientific manipulation and assessment of soft tissues for the prevention of injuries, whilst maintaining good physical condition and health.These benefits are achieved by improving muscle tone, promoting relaxation, stimulating circulation and producing therapeutic effects on all systems of the body.

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Injury Rehab

Ealing Sports Injury and rehab

Whatever level of sport you take part in, recreationally or more seriously, injury is the last thing you want but if you do pick up an injury then our team of experts are on hand to aid your rehab.

Better still, don’t leave it until you get injured ; book a pre-empetive treatment for maintenance and avoid a long lay-off from your sport or activity

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Personal Training

personal trainer and sports injury ealing

As well as our injury rehab and associated services we also offer personal training to help and guide you towards your health & fitness goals.

Working with a personal trainer significantly increases your chances of achieving your goals as you receive expert guidance, tuition and support whatever you target may be. 

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Lisa Opie of Osteopath West in Ealing

Lisa Opie, MBE, MOst, BSc (Hons) is our resident Ealing based osteopath and runs Osteopath West, along with her colleague and fellow Osteopath, Jeremy Jones-Bateman BOst. Lisa graduated with a Master of Osteopathy Degree from the British School of Osteopathy,  is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association.

Lisa was also an international squash professional on the world circuit for over 13 years and in 1991 became the first British winner of the most prestigious event in the squash calendar, the British Open, which gained her an MBE.

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Sports Nutrition

Protein intake for runners

Sports Nutrition can be described as the study of nutrition and diet and it’s affect it has on sports performance. In simple terms, whatever level of sport or activity you take part in you will see an improved performance if your nutrition and diet is right.

Our Sports Nutritionist, Claire Desroches, will help you get the most from your nutrition to help improve your sports performance as well as help you with your day-to-day nutritional requirements.

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